Best Short Breaks from Dubai for Families


It’s difficult to think that the stunning mountainous khors of the Musandam Peninsula which have helped it earn the nickname “the Norway of Arabia” sit so near to Dubai.

Situated to Dubai’s north-east, it’s easy to visit the Omani enclave in a day trip, however, you should make at least a weekend trip of it to do it justice. Some arrived to enjoy water sports and snorkeling, or maybe you would prefer a dolphin spotting cruise and relish the placid waters around Kumzar in your own private dhow.


Tremendous mountain village amongst rough mountains of Hajjar range with a little water body in between. It is just like an oasis in between the desert and the stunning nature of Dubai. A perfect place to relax in nature and appreciate the spectacular sunsets in the mountains. From Dubai to Hatta,  It requires around 3 hour by bus visa Sharjah Kalba Road (E102) road & E 611 Emirates road to reach Hatta. Otherwise, you can book the Hatta trip from Dubai with a tour agent.


Searching out the greatest family beach escape? Dubai is preferably positioned for the short hop into the Indian ocean island nation of the Maldives. Pictures of the peaceful aqua blue waters, soft white sand and dreamy lagoons might appear more suitable for a honeymoon’s destination, but you may still find plenty of fantastic choices for families too.


It  lies on the eastern side of UAE is a stunning emirate with durable hill ranges and clear seashores. You’ll find the attractiveness of mountains and sea simultaneously, making it an ideal place for nature enthusiasts. If you wish to get to Fujairah from Dubai by bus, take The E700 bus that has 15 stops departing from Union Square Bus Station – 01 and ending in Fujairah – 01.

Saudi Arabia

Regrettably, hardly any is known about Saudi Arabia but, considering that this is the home of Mecca, it shouldn’t be a shock that Saudi is stuffed with historic and ancient places, and one of the greatest examples is Al Balad, the old part of Jeddah, established 1,300 years ago as the gateway for Muslims on their way to Mecca, mostly arriving by sea from Africa.

Today a UNESCO World Heritage site, Al Balad is an energetic area full of colorful facades and, by far, the most amazing Old City from all the Gulf Monarchies.




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